Machine Learning Engineer

  • Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Full-time
  • Engineering/ Development

We build cutting edge Cloud based solutions which are used by over 15000 companies around the world, predominantly in the US, Australia and Canada. Our goal is to be the leading SaaS provider for enterprises by 2020. Our customers include NASA, 3M, Disney, Amazon etc.

We're looking for Deep Learning Engineers who can add value to our products through AI/ML for recommendations, pattern identifications and a 'smarter' system to improve efficiency of our solutions.

You must:

  1. Put Machine Learning algorithms into practice
  2. Have excellent understanding of Statistics and foundations of Deep Learning.
  3. Have sound engineering foundations and ability to build production ready services (and not just prototypes)
  4. Strong programming skills in an OO language
  5. Understanding of building efficient and optimized systems to parallelize operations (eg through GPUs) for quick response times
  6. Have proven experience of at least 2 -3 years in deep learning or machine learning.

You will be responsible for:

  1. Building pipelines for deep learning that can handle significant data
  2. Executing experiments for hypothesis testing
  3. Constantly optimizing